How to Create & Customize Your Own Rhinestone Iron On Transfers!
1) You can use word to create your own text for iron on transfer
and be sure to expand the text spacing to give comfortable
room on your printed pattern for applying rhinestones. Or you
can use any picture/design templates that you like under the
clear transfer film. Children’s coloring books work well as design
templates and I love to search Microsoft Clip Art pictures too
for design templates.
***See image on left for sample screen shot***
2) Be sure to select and print "mirror image" on
your printer settings so that you apply rhinestones
correctly to transfer paper right side down and
backwards (or your text will be backward once
you iron on transfer).
***See image on right for sample screen shot***
3) This image on left is a sample screen shot print
preview of a "mirror image" text.  You can also print
mirror images of any other pictures or drawings that you
wish to use as a template/pattern for your transfer.
6) Tape the clear transfer film to your mirror
image text or picture/drawing (sticky side
facing up as you will be placing rhinestones
upside down on this sticky side).
5) Peel off the white protective plastic
from the clear layer to reveal the sticky
side of rhinestone transfer sheet.  Save this
white plastic sheet as you may not want
to iron on transfer immediately.      
4)  Cut your rhinestone transfer sheet to
appropriate size for your transfer with
either scissors or paper cutter.  
7) Apply the rhinestones or rhinestuds along
your template/pattern.  This is the fun part as
you can decide how detailed your iron on
transfer will look!          
8) Once you have completed your iron on
transfer, you can protect it by placing the
white plastic protective layer back against
the sticky side of clear film.
9) Now you have a custom created gift
for friends/family, or you can save it for
iron on later.  You can even start your
own custom rhinestone transfer business!
Iron On Directions:
10) When applying iron on transfers it's a good idea to place a
protective layer underneath the layer you will be applying so
that no glue will seep onto back of shirt (can use a towel, cloth,
heat safe pad or even most plain computer mouse pads work
well) .   
13) Once you have ironed the front of design, turn your clothing
inside out to iron one last time.  This helps ensure that the design has
well adhered to your clothing.  Remember again to place your
protective towel, cloth, heat safe pad or mouse pad in between
underside of clothing to be ironed.
14)  Allow the iron on design to fully cool for maybe a minute or so before slowly peeling off the sticky clear film and ... VOILA!  Custom
Designed Clothing and Bling!


***Please do not apply heat press or iron to leather, plastics or other materials/fabrics that are not intended to be ironed.  Be sure to
read your fabric/material care labels or test iron small area if unsure!

Due to the diversity of fabric, application methods & other circumstances beyond our control, customers assume all risks related to use
of the products.
12) Make sure that your iron is on dry setting with no steam! Once
your iron has heated up to appropriate temperature, place iron
over transfer and gently press down for approximately 20 seconds
(time may vary depending on the fabric care specifications).  
iron back and forth, remember that the iron is to be used
similarly to a heat press for applying iron on transfers so you want
to apply equal/distributed heat to all parts of your iron on design.  
Lift up iron to reposition and place down directly onto transfer
gently pressing down on design.  The hotfix adhesive on bottom of
rhinestones will melt & adhere/mesh as it cools to onto your fabric.
11) It is a good idea to trim away some of the extra film from around
your design before using.  Then, place/stick the iron on transfer to
your clothing with sticky side down and rhinestones/design right side
up.  Cover the entire transfer with a thin cloth to protect from your