Dazzle Leathers, Denim & More!

   Commercial quality setter tool sets rhinestones rim & tiffany settings plus nailhead studs easily!

Dazzle Monkey’s setter tool has approximately 6” long reach & 1.5” wide gap from top to bottom! The higher spacing from top/bottom & length
of tool allows for more versatility as you can apply embellishments further onto surfaces of clothing or scrapbooking sheets. So you can push
your favorite jeans up into the setter tool for further reach up long pant legs!

Heavy duty metal setter (approx 9 pounds) with lever handle is the key! (makes application almost effortless, unlike stapling downward on a
thick stack of papers when using plastic stapler type setters. Won't slide around like plastic setter tools & can even be bolted to work stations or
moved around for most convenient use!

Loads/Sets rimsettings & nailheads right side up so much easier to work with!

Works great for application on leathers & heavier materials! (plastic stapler type setters cannot)

Plus this tool is much stronger for setting metals so attachments don't wear down quickly like plastic setters.
                                           Dazzle Monkey's Dazzleset Pro Tool includes:

  • One commercial quality setting tool set (color of tool may vary as we have silver, aqua green and blue in stock)
  • Includes 8 pairs of top & bottom attachment pieces/dies for setting both rhinestones/nailheads:
     * 4 pairs nailhead studs sizes 3/16” (approx 5mm), ¼” (approx 6.5mm), 5/16” (approx 8mm), 7/16” (approx 11mm)
     ***mm sizing approx &  listed for comparison reference***
     * 4 pairs rhinestone rimsettings sizes 4mm/16ss, 5mm/20ss, 30ss, 34ss plus our 3.2mm/12ss & 40ss rimsets!
  • Also can set rhinestone tiffany settings sizes 4mm/16ss, 5mm/20ss, 6.5mm/30ss, 7mm/34ss & 40ss/8mm. Includes instructions on setting tiffany
  • Additional 8 rubber collars for each pair of attachment dies are included too!                                     
                                                    ***please note that color of setter tool & rubber collars may vary ***

Each top/bottom pair of attachments is individually bagged & labeled for convenient reference. The nailhead & rhinestone attachments kits
are stored in separate clear plastic cases.

The attachment die pieces are etched/marked corresponding size & either top or bottom piece. The pieces are marked on either the bottom
surfaces or around the rim as shown in above right photo examples.

1)                                                          2)                                                        3)                                                        4)

1) Simply insert the top & bottom attachments for size of nailhead or stone that you want to set.

2) Load the nailhead or setting into the top attachment.

3) The rubber collar holds nailhead or setting in place.

4) Position your material under nailhead (or center rhinestone under setting) & slowly lower the handle to press top attachment down to set.

                                                       READ BELOW FOR MORE INFO ON THIS GREAT SETTER TOOL!

We are amazed at the quality application of this setter tool! Nice application & so strong that we couldn't feel any of the prongs sticking out
this thick sweatshirt,thick nylon dog leash, or leather belt that we applied to. Less likelihood of pokey prongs to deal with after embellishing! Yay!
We used to dislike pronged settings as they would snag on stuff but this tool is strong enough to bend prongs appropriately and well! Great!



Above photos show samples of tiffany settings, rimsets, stones & nailheads applied using this great tool! Please note that finished items are
samples of our completed projects & not included with the tools.

Above 6 photos show how easy it is to set rhinestones with rim settings using the tool and rhinestone attachments! Just load rimset into
attachment and bring down over stone to set! Sets rimsets with stones right side up this way!

*** 40ss rhinestone rimsets can be applied using the nailhead kit 4NT&4NB 5/16” attachments.
*** 40ss rhinestones rope rimsets can be applied using the nailhead kit 6NT&6NB 7/16” attachments because the rope design makes the rimset
larger than standard 40ss rimset.  Also, we prefer to remove the rubber collar of the 6NT top attachment to allow for best view while depressing
to set rope rim.  So can ensure that top attachment is well centered over rope rim and stone. Please see below 2 photos as example:

Above photos show setting rhinestones. Simply load the rimset into top attachment, position stone on fabric right side up & then slowly push
down the tools handle to set rimset down over stone right side up... and voila! Also, you may like to preglue stones down onto the material you
want to apply & then set the rimsets right side up over the stones as well!

There are also replacement parts and additional accessories available for  this commercial quality tool! Just let us know if you would like more
info! Scrapbookers and Many Other Crafters will love this tool!