How to Use Bejeweler for Application of Hotfix Embellishments
    The Newest Bejeweler Professional Model Hotfix Applicator tool is a quick and easy way to apply rhinestones,
    rhinestuds and other dazzling embellishments to many surfaces/materials.

    The Bejeweler Pro comes with 8 different tips, including the universal flat tip.  An optional accessory, larger
    cluster flat press tip (pictured on right photos above) is approximately 18mm diameter, it is not included with the
    standard Bejeweler Pro tool but we wanted to also explain its use as some of our kits do include it.  The cluster
    tip is a great way to apply groups of stones at the same time.  All 8 of the tips that are included with the
    Bejeweler Pro have their "ss" and "mm" sizing engraved near the screw post, tips easily screw into the Bejeweler
    tool nozzle. Also, please refer to the Bejeweler box for tips/sizes included with tool.  The 10ss/3mm size or universal
    flat tips can be used for 12ss/3.2mm size stones also.  And/or you can slightly adjust (tighten /loosen) the tips to
    your preference by either squeezing tight on the tips’ gap with pliers or prying open a bit with a flathead

    *** It is also recommended to put a heat safe pad or cloth directly under the top layer of fabric you are
    applying Bejeweler and hotfix stones. This will prevent glue from also sticking to 2nd layer of thin knits or shirts and
    also protect from glue from sticking to backside of your shirts.

    1)                                                            2)                                                           3)
    1) Using the Bejeweler with the correct sized tip, pick up the rhinestones right side up into the tool's tip.  2) You
    will be able to see the hotfix glue on bottom/flatback begin to melt and bubble as the Bejeweler quickly heats
    up the rhinestone/embellishment.  3) Place the rhinestone or other embellishment down onto the item that you
    are applying and lift up the Bejeweler once applied.
    ***Another tip, that we prefer, for applying embellishments is to use the universal "hot spot" flat tip nozzle that is
    included with every Bejeweler Pro tool.  Simply place all the rhinestones onto material for application and press
    down on them with the flat tip.  No need to change tips or wipe down nozzle from glue residue and is an
    alternative to picking up each stone to apply***   

    4)                                                            5)                                                       6)  

    4) It's a good idea to keep a pin or tack handy to push down/out stones from tip if stone gets a bit stuck in tip
    from glue residue.  5) The 18mm cluster tip works well to press down on several stones or other odd sized/shaped
    embellishments at one time.  6) Also, we like to keep a small terry washcloth handy for quickly wiping off the hot
    tips to prevent glue residue.  And the towel works well to quickly change out the hot tip for another sized tip as
    well, but be careful as the tips get very hot!  


    The tips can be slightly adjusted to loosen or tighten to your preference for picking up stones.  Simply pry open in
    between groove to loose or squeeze with pliers/wrench to tighten.   You can use the 10ss/3mm size tip for 12ss/3.
    2mm size stones also.  And/or you can slightly adjust (tighten /loosen) the tips to your preference by either
    squeezing tight on the tips’ gap with pliers or prying open a bit with a flathead screwdriver.  

    ***Please be cautious when applying hotfix embellishments to some fabrics/surfaces that are not intended for
    high heat.  You may want to test a small area for adhesion and heat sensitivity if you are unsure.  Also, you may
    choose to use the appropriate sized tips to pick up & place stone once heated for those materials that you are
    unsure about heating stones on their surfaces with flat tip/cluster tip.  Always better to be safe and cautious,
    rather than damage a favorite clothing piece!  Since hotfix technology was specifically created for the
    clothing/textile industry, its use was not intended for hard/nonporous surfaces (like cell phones, hard plastics
    and such) as these surfaces do not allow for the hotfix glue to mesh/grip onto well.  Final note, not
    recommended for children to use as the tool does get hot.  

    Due to the diversity of fabric, application methods and other circumstances beyond our control, customers
    assume all risks related to use of the products. And again, Dazzle Monkey reminds you to please be careful as
    the tool & tips do get very hot!

    So now...  get creative and have some fun with your Bejeweler!